Ka zuki JJ is a Kathmandu based funk rock band, formed in 2012. The band was led specially by the lead vocalist JJ through various line-up changes, till the current shift of members, so they adopted this name “Ka zuki JJ.” This is the Newari word and this means “Just do it JJ”. They are four members band with

JJ – Vocal/Guitar

Sanjay – Guitar

Suzen – Bass Guitar

Rajiv – Drums

The band members have individually different personality and style of the music making. The band is come up with their debut EP titled ‘Tole Tole Ma Bhaisiko Masu’ consisting of five tracks in the album. Every song provides a good overview of the band’s complete schemes till date to an unaware audience. The band has heavily combined ska funk and Nepali elements in their music.

At the present time we have lots of socio-political issues in our society like, power crisis, corruption, exploited civilians repressive rule of the police and political many more.  Though, the band has inspired from those issues and the contemporary Kathmandu lifestyle. So, they are blending in the songs.

Even, the band has featured a love song and a song based on the craving for buffalo meat and alcohol in the local Newar societies. There is two of the songs in the EP have already been released in the social media site prior to the album launch, those songs have received very good response and feedback from the audiences.

Ka zuki JJ has lunched their Debut album EP at Moods Restaurant and Banquet, Thapathali on July 1st. Many popular musicians have attended at the event.

(The lead vocalist JJ)