In 70’s was a depressing period for rock musicians in the Nepal, when a new band was formed disregarding the lack of an encouraging atmosphere for playing rock music. But Prism was destined to revive the rock and went on to spawn countless bands that followed in their footsteps.

Prism band, who formed in 1976, was one of the earliest bands to start playing English songs. The members of Prism are still actively playing either in other bands or in hotels and restaurants, and they still reunite sometimes as “Prism” to play on some special occasions.

A whole generation of musicians grew up listening to Prism at time or the other at various concert venues and was inspired to take up after them. Prism band is legendary band of the Nepali music Industry.

The former drummer George Subba of the legendary band Prism passed away yesterday (29th June 2017). May God give strength to his grieved family to withstand the pain and loss. May the departed soul rest in peace.