‘Bagaicha Ma’ by Kta Haru which recently went viral on Tiktok now has crossed 1m views on YouTube. The song created a massive hype of Kta Haru among youngsters on Tiktok. 

Kta Haru is a band that, once you hear them, you just can’t stop talking about. They were formed in 2018. The five-piece band, which consists of Prasong Rupacha, Milan Neupane, Prasanna Shah, Nischal Shrestha, and Manish Naubagh, has been gradually building a popularity among fans of Nepali music. The group’s complex sound, which they may conceptualize into a distinct genre of their own, reflects the diverse interests of its individual members. The band is renowned for their unforgettable live performances in addition to their unadulterated, genuine, and authentically worded songs that have become popular among young people in Nepal. Since no one else in the music industry sounds quite like the band, their laid-back, casual vibe stands out in the industry. The recent release of Kta Haru, ‘Jham Jham Paryo Pani’ is also doing exceptionally well.