Samir Shrestha’s latest release ‘Hera Na’ has crossed over 1m views on YouTube 72k likes on the official lyrical video in just a week of it’s release. 

The song is written, composed and performed by Samir Shrestha himself, is produced by Foseal and is recorded by Nepsek. The song has got alot of positive reviews and is now on trending no 2 for music on YouTube. Samir Shrestha primarily performs love songs. He claims to like them. Growing up idolizing singers such as Bipul Chhetri and Sajjan Raj Vaidya, he developed a preference for love songs above all others. He’d download songs, load them onto his phone, and listen to them on repeat. He claims he even tried to sing like Vaidya, who has become a sensation in Nepal in recent years.  Samir Shrestha sang as a child in Budanilakantha, Kathmandu. He would sing every time, blasting his favorite songs, much to his parents’ chagrin, but he persisted. When he had the opportunity in school, he would spend hours on the guitar, playing and singing. Encouraged by friends who said he sung like Vaidya, he continued to practice and, by the age of 15, began to write his own songs as well. “I’ve always wanted an original. I believe that the more I wrote, the better I became at it. Things happened in my life that I believe pushed me to write more.” Samir says.

Lets give a listen to another amazing song by Samir,’Thamana Haat’ here;