As we all know that music has no boundaries. Anyone from any culture and ethnos has a freedom to play and compose any type of music they want. There may be a time when people feel depressed and lack the emotion and motivation, music helps the person in such situation. Music purifies the soul and the perception of the people. The sound lives everywhere, even when cricket bat hits the ball sound are generated. When the player dives, slips, jumps and runs the sound is produced. So if the sound is produced by the player’s unintentional actions then why can’t they create the sound intentionally?

We have been always talking about the professional musician, so today why not we jump into the artist who belongs from another profession. Shall we?

Shane Watson (born 17 June 1981)  the only player to win Australian “Player of the Year” award in all formats and won 7 such awards in three formats(3 T20I, 3 ODI, 1 Test), which is the most by any player has sung many song of the other artist and posted a video to public. It’s overwhelming to see Watson playing guitar and singing along with it with big smiles.

Here we have the video of Watson singing Titanium by Sia with Danielle (wife of AB De Villiers) on the small party organized by Royal Challenger Bangalore. We can see that the both were enjoying singing the song of Sia. Mrs. De Villiers was even performing better; she was hitting the high note and giving the harmony. This was so amazing to watch the celeb from different profession enjoy singing. Enjoy the video……