Trishala Gurung recently announced that her fourth track “Doobey” off her debut album “Aazad” will be released anytime soon.

You can listen to the 14 sec of the song here:


After watching around 14-sec teaser we can make a guess that song may be related to love. Lets just wait for the full song to be release.

“Doobey” is the forth released track from the album while she has already released a title track Aazad, Sajau, and Nabirsidinu throughout these month. 6 more tracks are yet to come our way.

Many of you already know Trishala is a doctor too, yet she hasn’t professionally worked as a doctor anywhere till now. Trishala is so pretty, talented, and such a down-to-earth person, which is hence proved by the number of people following her crazily. Started a musical journey with cover songs that have so many views on YouTube to releasing a few singles, seems like she is all ready to release her album now. She hasn’t enclosed the album title yet.

Yo man, Mayalu, Kathmandu Sahar…etc are some of her originals. Gurung has also covered the Hindi song “Pyar Hua” with famous Indian cover artist Sanam Puri. The song was so loved by national and international fans and has over 4M views on Youtube. Listen to it if you haven’t till now.