Bipul Chhetri popularly recognized for his folkish tune, Highly adored singer  gathered 100K followers on Spotify.

As a leading musician in the industry, conquering the hearts of millions, Bipul Chettri is arguably one of the most recognized and talked about musical stars in the country. Bipul is also an LTCL Diploma holder in classical guitar. He is famous for his folk musical compositions and his music’s popularity is evident on social platforms like Sound Cloud and YouTube. His debut album was “sketches of Darjeeling” which became the “Pop Rock Album Of The Year”. Maya, his follow-up album, was released in 2016, and six singles—Basant, Gahiro Gahiro, Ashish, Teesta, Mughlan, and Neela Akash were released afterward. “Syndicate”, “Asar”, “Wildfire”, etc are some of his hits.

Aashish is his recent most loved song which holds over 18M views on YouTube. Watch it below if you haven’t till now.