Spine chilling single “Aparibhasit” by band “Swar” has been viewed more than 4M times on YouTube.

Deep and lovely lyrics to the song were written by the vocalist himself, Music was produced by the Guitarist of the band and Suramya sthapit was on the Bass Guitar.

The Solo performed by Rohit Shakya was everything we could ask for, we repeated the solo part twice to make ourselves believe. The chorus was super catchy, which goes like this:

Mero mana Bhitraka Harek Khusi Hau
mero sapana bhari timi timi nai chhau
mero jiwana bhari timi rahane chhau
mero mrityu sangai timi pain marnechhau…

The song comes with a cinematic music video which was directed by Rohit Shakya Offcourse. Where we can see a breathtaking scene around Lomanthang. The video features Trishala Gurung alongside the band members.

May be an image of 3 people, people sitting and people standing

“Swar” is a band comprising three virtuosos who have already swallowed and burped music for decades. The band is formed around 2022 by Rohit Shakya as a Guitarist and side Vocalist, Swapnil Sharma as a vocalist, and Gautam Tandulkar on drums.