Maan Bahadur Sangraha released a debut single Dasak that showcases a tale of life in an aesthetic music video.

Dasak was uploaded on the official YouTube Channel of Maan Bahadur Sangraha on Sep 3, 2022. The words presented in the song are so simple yet wonderful. Sweet and subtle music makes the song more beautiful. Followed by the most aesthetic Nepali music video ever seen. The song is so familiar yet so unique at the same time. The allover song is so soothing.

This beautiful creation was written, composed, and sung by Maan Bahadur Sangraha. The audio was recorded at Seed Tone by recording engineer Jeevan Lama, and John Shrestha. Likewise, the song was Mixed and mastered by Rajan Shrestha. The person behind these pretty music videos was Arun Gurung where Nisham Angbuhang was presented as the main character, she gave full justice to the song and concept. And, was produced by Kreepa Gurung.