Nepali rock band The axe band is performing live at Club Platinum this September 7th Wednesday. The opening performance of the event will be done by Lakshya Band. 


The Axe Band-Nepali is one of Nepal’s most well-known bands, with current members Shiva Mukhiyaa on bass and vocals, Sajal Rajbhandari on guitars, and Surendra Shrestha on drums. The  band was founded in 1992.After beginning as a garage band in 1992, the band officially formed in 1993. They released their debut album, “Dhunwa,” which was not well received at the time. Siddharth entered the picture after Ramesh Gyawali (previous band member) left for studies abroad in 1995.Being a three-man band at the time, however, was difficult because “Farkera Herda” had an old folk flavor to it that did not reflect the band’s alternative style. The band’s name was first publicized in the Nepali music industry on the same album when their songs “Chiya Barima” and “Pallo Dadama” were top hits. As a result, replicating their hit album’s sound proved difficult. The remaining lads practiced a lot in their hometown’s destroyed room, with Shiva in charge of the fundamentals as well. After a brief hiatus, they returned with their third album, “Majhi Dai” (2000). The CD showcased the three men’s fantastic chemistry and included elements of both hard rock and southern rock. Their famous songs include Lukna Deu, Chiya Barima, Thado Jane Ukalo, Timro Najar, etc.