Nepali rapper Chirag Singh Khadka better known by his stage name 5:55 is performing live at Club Platinum this 10th September. This performance by 5:55 is a part of his Cosmic Soul Tour and the performance was announced through his Facebook and Instagram. 

Chirag Singh Khadka, better known by his stage name 5:55, is a well-known musician in Nepal. He is most known for his song Budi and his unique catchy songs. With Atti bho, Chirag Singh Khadka made his musical debut in 2013.

Chirag was an unknown name, and the song remained underappreciated. Chirag wrote the lyrics and composed the music, while his brother Biraj Singh Khadka directed the video. Beat Laboratory Production produced the tune. Boko, Janmakundali, Bhukumpa, Maya, and other songs followed. Lets listen to 5:55’s musical delight ‘Budi’ here;

Budi has now crossed more than 38 million views on YouTube already. The song was released 3 years ago and created quite a buzz on Nepali musical atmosphere.