Nabin K. Bhattarai and Sisan Baniya were spotted jamming “Sanjha Pakha” on Paradygm Podcast.

Paradygm Podcasts is the YouTube podcast channel where well-recognized camera person and multimedia expert “Sisan Baniya” invites certain guests into the show and talk and talk and talk for hours about the topics guest is expertise


Singer Nabin K Bhattarai is unarguably the biggest pop singer in Nepal having a huge number of fan followings. He was able to win the hearts of people during the ’90s when he released Aakhama Timlai from the album Raharai Raharma and gained more popularity. His contribution to Nepali music is incomparable. He is also the one to give rise to a change in the Nepali music industry by adding different and creative musical elements to it. Some of his biggest hits are Sanjhapakha, Timilai Ma Dobatoma, Timile Herda Kasailai, Timilai Bhetne, and a lot more.