Naren Limbu is a very well-known name in the Nepali music realm. He has been in this field for almost 2 decades now and till now he never had to look back. From his previous songs Ek Mauka, Harpal, Garo Garai Cha to his latest release The Phone Song, Mero Manma, etc. Anything he creates, he creates it with passion whether it’s his singing, direction, or acting.

Limbu Debuted in the music scenario with his duo Sudip Gurung Back in 2002 and formed the band Aastha. However, Sudip left the band because of personal reasons but Naren decided to continue his solo music career and hasn’t stopped till now.

Likewise “Antim Maya” an old yet catchy pop anthem of those days has reached the milestone of 1M views on YouTube. This song has a special place in the 90’s kid’s hearts. May it be the college functions or community concerts, it was incomplete without this song. Glad to see real music from those days still being praised.