The fantastic band “Outsiders Nepal” from Eastern Nepal “Dharan” is all set to release their first track “Maila” off their second album “Chitra”.

May be an image of 2 people, motorcycle and outdoors

Maila was already streamed in various music platform like Spotify, Noodles, Apple Music etc. And now being officially being public through YouTube with Music Video which is almost ready now.

“Outsiders Nepal” is the name that always inspired Dharaney musicians when it comes to music or creating a band. They are in the field since the time when forming bands and performing live was totally Bizzare.

Dilli Phombo(Now riding solo) and Prashant Sharma (Urjaa Band) initiate the band back then. Going through lot of linup changes current member consist, Samita Limbu as a vocalist, Sumon Pradhan as Guitarist, Manuray Khimdung as Bassist, Nima Tamang on Keyboard, and Pragyan Rai as drummer.

Maili, Panchhi, Aauchhu, Chaina Re, Chitra, Sepmang, etc are the most love songs of them. Watch the full episode of Kripa Unplugged by The Outsiders Nepal if you haven’t till now: