Relimai, is a song that takes us back to the time when music like “She Is The Bomb”, and “Runna Bhanthey Kahile” was a jam. It is a collaboration between 4 awesome artists- Mc Flo, Girish Khatiwada, Sugam Pokharel, and Raj K Goswami.

The song was uploaded on the official YouTube Channel Of Sugam Pokharel and is off his album “Tilashmi”.  The song some with a fun music video where 4 of the artist seems to perform their own verses, and Surabina Karki stars along.

The pop sensation of the 90s, Sugam Pokharel has been contributing to music for more than 2 decades now. Moreover, the 1MB fans are delighted by his continuing releases of new songs. Talking about his career, he started singing pop songs that were well received by the public. Pheri Tyo Din, Samhalinchha Kahile Mann, Mero Sansar, Jhilke, Runna Bhanthe, School Pathshala, Kati Din Bite, Maya Ko Bato, and Sathi are some of his most-liked songs of him.

Not only this but also he has registered his name in playback singing for many years now. Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu, Rahar Chha Sangai, and K Yo Maya Ho are a few examples.