Also known as the king of blues- Mukti Shakya was brought up in Kathmandu. He had keen interest in music since his childhood.Before the 80’s Mukti got involved with many band like “The Elegance” and “Radium”. He then went to Spain and also got married with a Spanish girl, Mary. After 90’s he returned back to Nepal and formed his own band which turned ou to be the greatest blues rock band of the country- “The Mukti and Revival”. The band members are:
Sunit Kansakar(Guitar), Roshan Kansakar (Bass), Prajwol Kansakar(Drum).

“Chaubandi Cholo” is their signature song. It is their all time best song frome the album “kalanki ko Jam”. The melodious intro played on keys, touchy lyrics and the wonderful guitar works has made their song a masterpiece.
Here is an amazing cover of the song by Srijan Shahi.