“Kuzan” a fantastic Rap number with an amazing music video, by our one and only “Kavi G” has been viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube.

Awesome work by KTM Collective, the video is very unusually fantastic captured at the top of Kalinchowk followed by Kavi G’s Dope spitting skills and great performance by our prettiest and modest models Srijana Regmi, Sabita Karki, and Manish Giri.

Bidesh Karki better known as Kavi G is a young yet humble underground rap artist from Dharan. He was also one of the participators of the huge rap battle performed in Nepal, Raw Barz.

He was in the spotlight after his praiseworthy battle with another rap artist in the field BizuliBachnu ta paryo niHami SabaiSaitan LaiSun Kaan Kholera, etc. is some of his incredible creations. Listen to his recent creation “Rafa Dafa” produced by Rohit Shakya, if you haven’t till now: