Naren Khapung Limbu and the band is performing live in Chitwan  this 26th August, Friday at The Galaxy Empire Lounge and Bar. 

Naren Limbu a Nepali singer and a music video director. While he studied at RIBS school, Dharan he meet Sudip Gurung. He and Sudip recorded the first song titled “Dosh” at Music Work in 2002. They name the album Aastha. In the album songs like “Harpal” , “Yek Mauka and so on. The song became hits as well music video in the album also highly appreciated by people. The album is record under the banner of SAV. Naren Limbu After few months he worked alone and release the solo album Aatma. Among other songs from Aatma”, “Eklai” and “Timi Aaunu became hits in number. He again release next album title Aartha. In the album he included the song Kheney Numa Kewa” of Limbu language. You can have a look to the song here;

He have also sung for other collection albums. He have also done stage program in Dharan, Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Hong Kong. He is also involved in making music videos of his own songs. The song like Aatma”, “Timi Aaunu”, “Garho Garhai Cha” and “Aantim Maya”.which he have directed. He also awarded by Hits FM Music Award for Best New Artist in 2003. Likewise the same year he awarded by Channel Nepal for the music video of Ek Mauka. Not only this he got nominated in the list of Best Music Video Category too.