Latest release by Yodda, ‘Adhuro Maya’ has now exceeded 405k views on YouTube. The video has gained 34k likes and is on trending no. 11 on YouTube for music in Nepal.

The official music video of Adhuro Maya  is starring Samir Gurung, Rushma Thapa, Dinesh Kaucha and  Sabina Gurung as actors. The direction of the music video is done by Yodda himself and is produced by Yodda himself. Yodda is an underground artist or a raper of Nepalese hip-hop based in the United Kingdom. His real full name is “Shanam Gurung“. Let’s go back to 2011, the year Yodda’s rap career first started. He became a rapper after discovering the rap genre and falling in love with free writing and slam poetry. Yodda’s literal Nepalese meaning, “fighter,” encompasses and defines his artistic aesthetic, the content of his songs, and the source of his motivation as a rapper. His ‘ Kharab Bani’ is one of the most loved rap song in Nepal.

Despite currently calling the United Kingdom home, Yodda still draws inspiration from his Nepalese roots. All of Yodda’s songs have Nepalese lyrics  which proves his dedication to his native language. You can listen to Yodda’s Adhuro Maya here: