Neetesh Jung Kunwar has recently released the home-recorded version of his new single “Godhuli Saajh” and god it brings all the memories back from the old days. It really feels like our old NJK is back.

Beats are so mellow and soft, followed by his incredible voice, the song gives literal chills.

Godhuli saajh is his first Nepali single after the comeback. Whereas he has released various English numbers like Naked, Cuddle, Cherry On Top, etc.

Neetesh Jung Kunwar is one of the airing musicians in the modern music world of Nepal. With millions of Nepalese fans, especially the young generation, Neetesh Jung Kunwar knows his best to please his followers with his unique features of presentation in his music. His songs were always trending on YouTube. Unique and cool as his voicebefore leaving Neetesh has numerous songs to his name. And now as he is back and being active releasing songs one after another let’s hope for the same energy and craze back again.