Teej is near and here is a new song to dance on Teej, ‘Tala Tala Talakkai’ from upcoming Nepali movie ‘Jhinge Daau’.

Teej is almost here and we all are now rooting for this new, catchy and amazing song ‘Tala Tala Talakkai’, from upcoming Nepali movie Jhinge Daau. The song released today and is totally a Nepali musical vibe. The lyrics of the song is written by duo of Ek Narayan Bhandari and Dinesh Raj Puri. The music to the song is given by Arjun Pokhrel and excellent work on vocals is done by Suresh Lama and Anju Panta. The dance choreography is done by Ramji Lamichhane and obviously Aanchal Sharma has mastered it in this song and has left us all awed with her amazing expressions. The music video features other actors i.e. Keki Adhikari, Kushal Bista and Dinesh Raj Puri. Another song from Jhinge Daau,’Aaago Bina Bidi Jaldaina’ did pretty well on all musical platforms in Nepal. You can give a listen to the song here;


Jhinge Dau is an upcoming Nepali movie based on story of Nepali writer Bhim Nidhi Tiwari. The trailer of the movie looked quite promising and is getting a lot of positive reviews. It’s time that Nepali audience hit the theatres for ‘Jhinge Daau’ and get that organic Nepali movie experience. The movie is releasing this September2/Bhadra 17th. Also don’t forget do dance on ‘Tala Tala Talakkai’ and get that Teej Feeling!!