Robin Tamang is well-known name in the music industry. He is the legendary musician in the Nepali music history for the past two decades and has gathered lots of fans during that time. Even he is greatest actor and founder of rock band Rabin and The New Revolution.

Well, Rabin is a Nepali pop-rocker icon and has recognized himself as a prominent presence both on stage through his live musical rocking performance on screen, although he does not have any intention of leaving the music field. Even he has become an idol of inspiration for the young generation.

Born was in an Army family of music lovers became an inspiration to him to grow as a singer. During his schooling in Singapore he used to listen to Jimmy Hendrix and Deep Purple who became the true inspirations to him.

In this video, Robin Tamang has performed, during the Anuprastha’s new album “What to Do Kathmandu?” launch ceremony in Reggae Bar and he was a guest at the ceremony.