Vj music’s Vijay Ghimire and Priety are popular youtube artist who are known for their lovely duet covers. Vijay Ghimire is a singer currently residing in UK, London. He is a singer song writer and a performer and coll-abs with his partner Priety to recreate old sounds. He has been recently working on his new album “Paint Me Love”.
“Friends, family, nature, people, birds, relationship, love & complications on it and quite allot of things that i have experience in my life inspires me to create music..though i m in learning process..but i love it…My music is reflection of what i actually i am.If you like my music. Just be with me in my journey..and this is my first step towards my dreams..I am a dreamer and i m not gonna stop dreaming” says Vijay ghimire.

Here is an official music video of his new song “Aakash”. Enjoy….