Finally released, Beyoncé’s seventh studio album features 16 songs that have fans completely enamored.

Just over a month ago, on June 15, the 40-year-old made the announcement of her upcoming album by changing the three words in her Instagram bio to “act I “RENAISSANCE,” and “7.29.”On the album, which is meant to make you feel “special, strong, and sexy,” a few of the fans’ favorite songs include Alien Superstar, Cuff It, and Church Girl.

The word Renaissance refers to the period in European civilisation that immediately followed the Middle Ages.It took place from the 14th to 16th century and is often associated with art and literature.The Renaissance is a key era in history as it marked the transition from the Middle Ages to modernity in which people began to live a more contemporary way of life.It was a huge period of social change as people moved away from classical antiquity and medieval life and favoured a more modern approach.The Renaissance began in Italy and quickly spread throughout France, Britain, Spain, Portugal and Germany.