Don’t get me wrong: Cardi B is “Hot S-t.” That’s the gist of the rapper’s new music video, which she debuted on Tuesday night (July 12).

Cardi struts down the side of a skyscraper in the Lado Kvataniya-directed video, rapping, “Now this that hot s-t/ Jimmy Snuka off the top rope/ s-t supa fly s-t/ I’m thinking about getting in the tub with all my ice on some ‘Pac s-t/ Whatever way you slice it, I’m the best b—h/ I’m rocking the new Chanel/ Twist and it’s still not out/ “I’m obnoxious with all this jewelry at the grocery store.”

Later in the video, collaborators Lil Durk and Ye (Kanye West) take turns on the mic for their respective guest verses on the braggadocios track, which features Durk rapping atop a water-logged car in a post-disaster city flood zone and a masked Ye spitting alongside a sleek, futuristic motorcycle as the landscape around him vibrates to the beat.