Childhood memories are the best memories. It may be distant from us in time but is always close to our heart. Memories of one’s early young days remain with us almost forever. It is an important part of life where an individual shapes his/her way of thinking. Everyone has wonderful memories related to their young age, a time when the realm of past and future didn’t exist and the only thing that mattered was the present.

We are very fortunate to have born in this golden era of science and technology that has enabled us to capture some of these memories on paper and keep it as a memento. Turning the pages of our old album makes us dive into these memories and recollect them. Here are some pictures we managed to collect from various Nepalese musician’s albums. Have a look at how some of these popular artists looked in their early days.

                                                                                                   Amrit Gurung

                                                                                                               Yama Buddha R.I.P


                                                                                               Adrian Pradhan

                                                                                              Phiroj Shyangden (Middle)

                                                                                            Deepak Bajracharya


                                                                                                         Nabin K Bhattarai


                                                                                                          Naren Limbu


                                                                                                      Nima Rumba(Middle)

                                                                                                  Mukti Shakya

                                                                      Ram Krishna Dhakal