Mukti And Revival is a Legendary Band of Nepal. With Mukti Shakya as the frontman – lead vocalist as well as guitarist, the band is the first to have introduced blues in Nepal. Influenced by western blues, their song also has a rock flavour in their songs.

Also known as the king of blues- Mukti Shakya was brought up in Kathmandu. He had keen interest in music since his childhood. “I started playing guitar in my late teenage. My brother had a guitar. He went abroad and it was after that I started playing with his guitar. “ Before the 80’s Mukti got involved with many band like “The Elegance” and “Radium”. He then went to Spain and also got married with a Spanish girl, Mary. After 90’s he returned back to Nepal and formed his own band which turned ou to be the greatest blues rock band of the country- “The Mukti and Revival”. The band members are:
Sunit Kansakar(Guitar), Roshan Kansakar (Bass), Prajwol Kansakar(Drum).

Here is an awesome song by Mukti and Revival at Namaste Tv Show!!