Just as our neighbors had announced the winner of their ninth season, we were just beginning our hectic journey towards revolutionizing Nepali music industry.
With just the fourth episode Episode airing a few days ago(on youtube by Nepalese first and only HD channel AP1) we have come to realize that small land of ours doesn’t lack talent. Some of the performances have taken over social media. Nepali Idol has provided a platform to exhibit our talent.
We have proved that if our lads are given the right platform (to perform) they will not disappoint us. Nepali Idol has been able to revive the harmonies of our past.
It has provided a stage for our youths to evolve.Our new generation will get inspired more and more with every episode and every song. People will make a switch from Indian channels to Nepali channels.

Here is a clip of a girl named Kenjal Shrestha singing a Cobweb’s composition- sung by Poonam Singh- Bhanu k ma Timilai!! on the 11th episode of Nepal Idol. Enjoy..