Yogeshowr Amatya is a popular singer, song writer, producer and an actor of Nepal. Born in Kathmandu on 3rd of April 1964, Yogeshwor is a key figure of Nepalese soft rock. He is considered as one of the best singing music artist of our country having thousands of his copies sold. Know for his funny character and humorous attitude Amatya rose to fame after his song “Jaba Sandhya Huncha”.

The song Jaba Sandhay Huncha is his hit number and is in the lips of every Nepalese. It is his first recorded song as well. Songs like “sindhuli gadi”, “kya bore vo” are his evergreens. Besides music he is is interested in photography, collecting liquors. He is a successful businessman as well. Till date he has two albums in his name- “karai karle” and “ahile chai drabya”.

Here is a comedy clip by Yogeshwor Amtya at his residence.