“AK47 Music” is a Melbourne based Nepalese Hard Rock duo, combining a bass player from Nepalese mainstream hard rock band “The Shadows ‘Nepal” and a drummer from Nepalese rock band ‘Mukut’. AK47 Music was formed in 2016 with Amit Pradhan on Guitar and Kumar Maharjan on drum. The band released their first debut album “EP 2017” on 4 June, 2017.

Through a unique blend of only two instruments Guitar and Drum. AK47 Music aims to take Nepalese musical talent to international market. Well, they will be touring Nepal early 2018 even they are really excited to perform in Nepal.

Here is the sneak preview of their music video “Sick & Tried” from their recent Album “EP 2017”. Hopefully, they will be releasing their official music video soon. Check this out….