‘Yaad’ by Sushant KC ft. Brijesh Shrestha is out on YouTube and is on Trending 8 with 244k views in 2 days of it’s release.

The song is written, composed and performed by Sushant Kc. The official video is filmed during Sushant KC’s live in Kathmandu. The production of the music video is done by Brijesh Shrestha and the mixing/mastering of the song is done by Nischal Bhandari. The official video has reached over 244k views and is on trending no. 8 for music in YouTube.

Sushant KC is a well-known name in Nepali music. His deep and melodic tunes have made him famous. His songs such as Aama, Maya ma, and Sathi are known for their deep melodies and poignant words. You can listen to his new song ‘Yaad’ here;