Music is pure magic. It is a wonderful gift to humanity. Music moves us, soothes us. and stimulates us. It makes us want to dance or sing. It makes us feel happy or sad, inspired or uplifted. It affects our mood in all kinds possible kinds of ways. Music maybe different for different person.Music tells stories, breaks hearts, reduces us to tears, or seduces us into falling in love, over and over and over again. Music is a universal language. A human creation from a divine source.

Nepal is a secular country.Nepal is no longer a Hindu country and everyone is free to follow and preach any religion. Because of this other religions are also finding place in the country with increasing number of followers. One such religion is Christianity. Christians oragnize a weekly gathering in a church. They pray and organize various programs adressing Jesus. They also organize musical shows singing songs for Jesus.

Here is a group of boys singing a beautiful song on guitar….