Baacha Vayo by Swoopna Suman is now on Trending No .2 on YouTube now.

After 4 years of beautiful togetherness, Swoopna Suman and Jyotsna Yogi got married and this is a song Swoopna wrote for her on their special day and it has left us all awed. The official release of the song was done on May 6, 2022 i.e. their wedding day. the official video is produced, mastered and mixed by Sashwot Shrestha, the lyrics, vocals  and composition of the song is done by Swoopna Suman.

The song has gained over 995k views in just 2 days of it’s release and stands on the trending number 2 for music in YouTube. The song covers beautiful visuals from their marriage ceremony and it can be considered amazing, cute, beautiful and what not.  Filled with words of love for her beloved, Swoopna has created a masterpiece. We wish Jyotsna and Swoopna a happy married life.