Nepali music is highly influenced by rap, pop, rock, jazz music. Western music has a great influence in the modern music scene in Nepal. ANUPRASTHA is one of the most popular rock bands of Nepal. ANUPRASTHA was winner of the first Sprite Band Challenge – ‘Freedom to Rock 2008’.

ANUPRASTHA has formed since 2008. As well, has come wildly until today. They had released their first music video – ‘Din’ on July 2009 after winning the Sprite Band Challenge.Their popularity has enlarged due their magical performances. In short time, ANUPRASTHA gains lots of love and support from the audience.

Recently, ANUPRASTHA has lunched their second album “What To do Kathmandu?” at Reggae Bar on 9 June 2017. Now they have released the official music video of their new album song “What To do Kathmandu?” on YouTube.