The Nepali music scene has recently grown at an unprecedented rate, with thousands of musicians actively contributing their works. However, some of them are well-known, while others are not. There are some underappreciated Nepali musicians who have a lot of potential and already have good work but are underappreciated by the audience. In this regard, we have compiled a list of underappreciated Nepali musicians for you today. Remember that the list includes both solo singers and bands.

1. Rijan Giri

Rijan Giri is a man with a very distinct voice in a pool of emerging Nepali musicians. His most well-known songs include Kamal Ko Ful, Sandhya, and Rani Banaima. The previous one was also performed at the Tuborg Open Session. Giri’s songs range from folk to ballad to slow rock, demonstrating his versatility. Similarly, his music videos are centered on conveying social messages. For example, Kamal Ko Ful’s music video is an attempt to inspire Nepali youth to return to their homeland. Similarly, his music video for Sandhya is based on Nepali inter-caste love, which is still frowned upon in Nepali society.

2.Rachana Dahal 

Her lyrics address social issues that are rarely addressed through music. For example, her debut song Bhumari is about how toxic relationships affect someone’s mental health, whereas Soch is about sexual abuse and how society becomes indifferent to it. Dahal, a popular face among emerging Nepali musicians, has over 8,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, but that is insufficient, especially for an artist like Dahal who has been exposing the various societal issues that have affected thousands of lives.

3.Ujjwal Sagar

If you enjoy listening to Nepali musicians’ love songs, Ujjwal Sagar’s songs should be on your playlist. Dhoon, his debut song, expresses the heart of an artist whose poetry would be incomplete without the presence of the soul of a loved one. Similarly, his most recent music video for the song Pencil may transport you back to your school days. It may evoke memories of a childhood crush on whom you were unable to express your feelings. Sagar has recently established himself as a versatile artist who not only sings but also composes music for other artists. In Nishan Bhattarai’s classical song Timi Chhau Ra Geet Haru, he did an outstanding job. The song has been well received by audience.


Among contemporary Nepali musicians, the band Atharva is one that rock fans should not miss listening to. Yoddha, the band’s debut album, was released in 2006. The album’s songs are all so energetic and powerful that you can’t help but bang your head. One of the best aspects of Atharva’s music is their brilliant guitar work in all of their songs. Their lyrics are equally powerful, and they do full justice to their heavy music. Their lyrics are filled with references to war, warriors, unity, and patriotism.