“Khate” a crucial Rock number from an international Rock band “Nepcali” definitely deserves more attention than it’s getting. The song feels like listing to the blend of various rock bands we have grown up listening to like Nepathya or maybe 1974AD and somehow sounds like Albatross as well. So, it feels like we can connect with it.

The song is about the street child and homeless people whose home is a street and every word sounds like their own.

About the song, the band states “This song is all about me depicting the life of street kids through my eyes. He added, “This whole thing started when I came across to a documentary few years back and it just hit me really hard and got me thinking. Although the documentary was old but I could definitely relate it cuz it was from my motherland. I had an instant urge to write something and that’s how we came out with this song.”

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NepCali is the 4 men international Rock band comprising members from Kathmandu, Nepal; Southern California, and Mexico. The band is occupied by Arpan Karki as a vocalist, Sunny Shrestha as a Guitarist, Scott Collins on Drums, and Sabas Carillo on Bass.

The band has released their self-titled Debut Album on April 1st, 2021. Which you can find on various musical platforms like Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, Amazon music, etc.