Oasis Thapa has recently dropped his new single “Maja Ko Vul” on his official YouTube channel. The song was written by Thapa himself and produced by Foeseal.

About the new release the singer writes:

“Description kholidinu hune sabai jana lai mero nyano avinandan. Sarwapratham, yo geet ra geet ko video jasari banna pugeko cha ma ekdamai khushi chu. Rupu(Rupesh Shrestha), Kakku(Kaushal Gurung), Aakrshan Dhakal, Saroj Kumar Khadka, Lujaw Manandar ani Rajat Khadka navaidiyeko vaye saayad yo project ettiko bandaina thyo hola. So, mad respect to these guys, they stepped up for me big time. Thank you guys. Yo geet ko barey kei vannu parda chai, probably one of the best songs I’ve written. The frustration I felt from coming up with a guitar lick to lyrical arrangement was immense. The happiness and satisfaction I felt after completion was even greater. I’m going to write so many more songs of such genre. The video making process was really fun, until the freaking hard drive and the video itself had to crash at the last moment leaving us with fewer frames to work with from scratch again. Aparichit Bhaawanaa ma ni estai vako thiyo audio final garne bela. Nonetheless the boys went in on it. A message to all the people who follow my music, tapai haru le ma bata jun kisim ko geet haru khojnu vaako cha, tyo pani aaudai cha tara aile lai sake samma esmai ramaauna khojidinu hola. Lastly, shoutout to Samir Shrestha and bekcha for vibing and making an appearance in the MV. Thank you guys. Ani of course our OG Foeseal daju. Too much fun cooking this song in his studio. New song’s will drop till then take care people.”

Oasis Thapa is a rather young and inspiring singer, songwriter, and producer of Nepal. He has been interested in music since he was a little boy. He used to write songs and hum along since school days.

He uploaded his first unofficial song “An Apology To My Ex” (2017), which did not go as well as he thought he would. Again, he released his second song Juni Vari (2019), which too was not as successful. Still, he did not lose hope and kept on hustling which resulted in “Aparachit Bhaawanaa (2021) becoming a hit. And, the rest is just history.