Chirag Khadka aka 5:55 dropped a new single “Kaile Ho Kaile” off his debut album “Cosmic Soul”.

The song is all about him manifesting and waiting foe the life he wants or demands. It possibly his one of the few song which does not include the various synonyms for marijuanna. It’s rare trust me. “kaile ho Kaile” posses the video which is totally psychedelic and it’s awesomely prepared. To which he has performed himself, it is kind of rough clips of him roaming around.

The singer just had unveiled a short preview for his debut album “Cosmic Soul”.

5:55 is surprisingly loved among the Listeners. His hippy appearance and constantly smoking and rapping remind us about our pioneer of reggae, Bob Marley in some way.

He made his debut entry to the music industry with his opening song “Topendra”. Since he has been coming up with the much entertaining songs one after another.

To illustrate, Churot, Janmakundali, Life jacket. And how can we forget his most loved, and most-streamed song “Budi”  which has over 35M views on YouTube. It is our favorite one too.