It is interesting to see how cover songs sometimes gain more popularity than the original ones. Covering songs and putting them online enables people present their skills and methods to the world. Nowdays covering songs has become a fashion.

Best Covers are the ones that have originality, richness of music and their own style of mending the song. While extreme and unsuitable improvisation that distrub the theme and content of the song are considered unpleasant and are largely criticized. However good covers make the song more lively and even help sustain old songs and pass them to upcoming generations.

There are many good covers on the internet. Here’s a recent mashup cover of three hit songs featured on M&S Vmag: “Pahilo Junima”(1974 ad), “Sadhai Sadhai” (Mantra) and “Prayas”(Samriddhi Rai). See how beautifully they cover the song.