Despite all the controversies, rapper Lil’ Buddha is often loved by his followers. As his excellent rapping skills are admirable, it makes all the cons about him disappear. Apparently, the controversial rapper is back with his new creation “2022” from the album “Ecstasy In The Palace”. The single features Starboi Virgin and was produced by Lil Noto.

As sacar is known for his flawless flow, the delivery of the bars is remarkable as always. Followed by the rather suitable beats. The single is well enjoyable.

Sacar Adhikari AKA lil’ Buddha who is recently introducing himself as Young Lion has started his NepHop journey through Raw Barz as any other rapper in Nepal. Raw Barz is the Hip-Hop battle conducted by late rapper Yama Buddha(Anil Adhikari).

His flawless English bar deliverance in the battle with Uniq Poet, which was also the first video of Raw Barz. Sacar got lots of recognization and love from the battle clip and amused the crowd.

Watch the battle clip if you haven’t till now in order to get amused: