HD music project came along with their debut instrumental track “The Rock Box“. Following the teaser released on Nov 6, HD released the original music video of the track on November 12.

HD is highly influenced by the 80-90s rock style. This release is the first track from their debut album “The Rock Box“. They will be releasing the full album very soon.

Produced by Guitar shop, this video is shot by Saurav Lamichhane & directed by Robin Sharma. Video production is done by Raeeela Production and drum recording is done by Binaya man Amatya.

We have launch our first track from the album “THE ROCK BOX” and also track my called The Rock Box. Now we are planning to release our all tracks soon. In future not only instrumental there are many more songs and different genre music track we are launching.

Self-taught musician Hari Kunwar started his musical career as a keyboardist in his childhood. At the age of 12, he started playing guitar and mastered the instrument until he completed his Diploma. He along with drummer Sanjeet Tuladhar and bassist Shyam Maharjan formed the perfect combo for the past Rock era to relive in the 21st century by forming HD(Hari Dai) project.