Prabesh Kumar Shrestha, a rather young and talented singer cum writer has started his journey as a cover artist back in 2015. Slowly gathering a small but very honest pack of admirers, his talent kept on flourishing. He got huge attention when his cover for “Lakhau Hajarau” by another young talent of the Nepali music realm “Yabesh Thapa” got viral.

With the appreciation from the original singer himself, Prabesh got the confidence to release his original. This leads us to his soul-pleasing song” Aau Timi”. Produced by very talented Foeseal, the song is worth attention. “Aau Timi” gathered so much love in such a short period of time, it’s just been a few months of release but already crossed 10M views. It’s kind of a huge deal for the newcomers. Hope this stays with him forever. A very fat congratulation and best wishes for the boy’s future in music.

The singer has also released a new song entitled “Merai Tira” featuring Utsav. Have a look at it if you haven’t till now: