Sarad Shrestha- this name is not an unfamiliar in the Nepalese Music Industry. He is one of the legendary and brilliant artists in the musical industry. Sarad has known as a best guitarist and members of Tumbleweed Inc.

He has formed this band in 2012. The band is known for its powerful lyrics and Rap Metal/funk sound, which is influenced by the western bands such as Rage against the Machine, Snot, Primus, Deftones, and RHCP etc.

Now, Sarad Shrestha is working another project “Shree 3” formed in 2016. In this project there are three musicians working together. Sarad Shrestha (Vocalist & Guitars), Rozet Gurung (Bass), Robin Neupane (Drums). They are playing any kind of music as they want. Like a rock n roll blues to heavy metal, alternative to grunge/stoner/sludge metal/post metal, as they believe music doesn’t have any boundaries.

On 13 June “Shree 3” is releasing their first single track “Eutai antya” with music Video on YouTube.