Karna Das is one of the most respected singer in the Nepali Music Industry. Born on 24th November, 1974 karna das started his career in music from his first song “jindagi ko k varosa” which turned out to be a great hit. “This is my mother song. This song gave birth to the singer Karna Das” says Karna Das. He was also the lead singer of “Madhyanna” band. Karna Das is also a skillful piano player.

Karna Das has won more than a dozens of awards. He has given many concerts in and out of the country. Songs like “Thula Thula Mahal”, “Purano dunga”,”timro mero sambandhako “ are his evegreen songs.Except music he likes reading books, learning new curious things, serving the society and helping others.

“I grew up in music; I am currently young in music and I am gonna grow old in music” says karna das in the talk with Nepali-Echords.

Here is the full live interview with the evergreen Karna das recorded live on our official facebook page.