Deepak Bajracharya is a famous musicians of Nepal. He is a popular Nepali popstar. Born in Bhinche Bahal, Lalitpur Deepak had keen interest in music since his childhood.
He started his musical career recording his first official song “Chodi gayo priye”. His first debut album was “Aasai aasma” with his former band ”Lituluns”. Currently he is the lead singer of “The Rhythm Band”. “kali kali”, “oh amira”, “ritu”, etc are some of his popular hits.There is a belief in our society that one cannot make a career out of music. However, Deepak considers this false and cites it as a discouragement to young and talented musicians.

Recently Deepak Bajracharya performed live with his band- The Rhythm band at Wicked Spoons and Fork Rock, Jhamsikhel Lalitupur. We did a live coverage of the show in which Deepak introduced himself with a selfie video holding our camera. “We are performing here as a promotion of our newly released songs sani and allare. I hope you will enjoy.” The programme started at about 8 pm and ended around ten.

Here is the coverage of the live performance posted live on our official facebook channel.