Singer Phiroj Shyangden is a most popular musicians in the Nepali music industry. He was the former lead singer of Nepal’s most popular rock band, 1974 AD. Shyangden was 22, when he started this band.

Especially in the ’70s inspired by Western bands like Deep Purple and the Eagles. But, in 2009 that Shyangden had left the band to move to America, due his person reason.

He has no regrets. while he is no longer part of 1974 AD, he is still close to its members. He wrote two songs for the band’s new album and joined them on stage during their US tour last summer. He also released two solo albums post 1974 AD, the latest titled “Zindagi Asal Cha.”

Shyangden has updated classical guitar short video clip on his Facebook page.

Watch this video and enjoy..