1974 ad is one of the most loved and celebrated bands of Nepal. Its vast taste of music and experimentation on various genres has been able to win the heart of millions. It is one of the best folk rock band of our country. It has been almost 2 years that Adrian Pradhan left the band. Many were disappointed by the news. However, the immediate new lineup didn’t let the disappointment last long. The new line up comprises of Prajwal Mukhiya on vocal and keys, Rohit John Chettri on vocals and guitar, Jacko Wacko on the trumpet, and Pratik Baniya on the

The band,with 4 new members and 3 old recently came up with a new album “Hajar Sapana” which has been able to get good response from the listeners. Hazaar Sapana comprises eight songs — Saani Ko, Bagdai Gareko, Timi Mero, Pathaideu, Hazaar Sapana, Saalghari, Chaya and Aru Kalo. Among them “Sani ko” and “Hajar Sapana” hare found to be more appealing to the audiences and are getting good responses.

Here’s a clip of the new lineup performing at the Huwaei Namaste Tv show.