If you are eager to learn to play guitar, it is necessary that you own a guitar. Buying a guitar is an excellent proposition. You go to the store and have a world of possibilities, a store tantalizing with choices. Every guitar hung on the wall seem to scream, “Pick me! Pick me!”. What should you do? Should you be hesitant, shy ? Of course not!! Be bold and try any model you find appealing. After all you are not asking to test drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini !!. Ask for any guitar you want to test. And if the store keepers do not seem willing and  forthcoming get out of the store asap. Playing a range of guitars helps you understand the difference between high quality, expensive guitars and acceptable but affordable guitars.So, you better indulge yourself in the task. Although you don’t have enough experience to distinguish the sound, at least expose yourself to such guitars. Make visit to several stores and build your experience.

There are certain things that may affect your choice of guitar. Some of them are:
1. What is your level of commitment??
2. How much is in your pocket??
3. Are you a beginner or a used to guitar person??

If you are a beginner and searching for some tips here are some things you should consider to find the right guitar:
1. Choose the colour and appearance of your taste. You must like the way your guitar looks. So, use your eye to select your favorite-looking guitar.

2. A relatively cheap guitar doesn’t mean that it is difficult to play. You should be able to press the strings down the fret with ease. If your prospective guitar seems too uncomfortable move on.

3.Besides being relatively easy to play, a guitar must play in tune.Something called as guitar intonation To check it, play the twelfth fret harmonic on the first string and match it to the fretted one (pressed at 12th fret). Test this for all strings. Especially notice the 3rd and 6th strings. On a guitar that is not set up correctly these are likely to go out of tune. If you can’t figure it out take someone who is experienced with you.

4. If you are looking for an acoustic guitar ensure that the body and other parts don’t rattle when the strings are played.

5. Another common problem is buzz in the string. Play every individual fret of all the strings to check any buzz. Also check for glued parts for any sort sloppy workmanship.

At last before you hand in your/your parent’s hard earned money recklessly, bargain for the price. Make a visit to other music store and compare the prices for the exact model.