“The elements are a wonderful trio with Ishan R. Onta as the lead vocalist, Dipesh Gurung on drums, and Raunaq Singh Adhikari also as the bass guitarist, and guitar, formed on 2016. Within this four year band has blessed us with numbers of songs And each one of their songs is undoubtedly out of this world. 

As the band has already shared before, they have been out of the valley for 10 days to work on their five new projects and they have already released their first song “Gagan” a Few weeks ago. And now they have been teasing the second release “Aakha Ramaye” through their Social media accounts disclosing the release date as September 3rd.

Check out their latest project “Gagan”, if you haven’t till now.

Among all of their songs, “Birsine Hau Ki” is most loved among fans. Which holds more than 8M views on Video of them performing live on Tuborg Open Session.