A song which gained a lot of popularity in 2013 was “Bistarai” by Rohit John Chettri. The singer himself had written and composed the song. Likewise, he and Manzil KC had worked on the guitar, Marcus Dengate on the bass and Ashesh Kulung Rai on the tabla and percussion. Manzil KC has also mixed and mastered the song.

Rohit John Chettri “RJC” started his musical career by performing the gigs in various bars, pubs and private events. However, this song “Bistarai Bistarai” gave him a real break in the music scene. He released this song on September 15, 2013.  Two years later, he included this song in the album of the same name. At this point, he had been famous already and known to many music lovers.

Likewise, he also supplanted the position of the lead singer of the band 1974AD after Adrian Pradhan and Phiroj Syangden left it for some personal reasons. The band released the album “Hazaar Sapana” in 2016 with the lead vocal of Chettri.